Croydon's cultural regeneration

Box Park by East Croydon Station

Following our recent ‘Art, Investment and Cities’ Forum at RIBA in January, Future Cities Forum has been visiting Croydon to look at its planned cultural regeneration.

Director of Culture at the London Borough of Croydon, Paula Murray joined our January panel discussions along with Swindon Art Gallery and Museums, consulting firm Arup, the London Borough of Camden and art and real estate law firm, Boodle Hatfield.

'We are restoring the Fairfield Halls to their 1960s splendour, and creating a ladder of five performance spaces – with £30 million from the Council which will recoup its funding from housing built around the back of the site,' Paula explained.

Paula is now researching how Croydon can perhaps follow Rotterdam in making a positive of its sixties architecture and concrete flyovers, and how it can combine its reputation for music-making - classical, punk and dubstep - and street art with a living streets culture beyond corporate offices and the fast line to London Bridge, Gatwick and Brighton.