Re-purposing military buildings for cultural tourism

Perhaps the thought of spending your summer holiday in a damp, dark fortress doesn't appeal however celebrating historic assets has been something the Spanish government has been highly adept at in re-purposing military buildings to boost its cultural tourism offer.

Try Pedro the Cruel's castle in Carmona for a stay and enjoy the series of Arabic style court yards that you pass through before checking into a bedroom with sweeping views across the plains. Or enjoy the fusion of military ramparts with contemporary architecture at La Fortalesa de Sant Julia de Ramis, north of Girona dating from the 19th century completely renovated by Fuses Viader Architects. The fort is now a 15 bedroom boutique hotel and cultural centre complete with its own museum housing art works of the Catalan sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs, whose statues adorn the front of Gaudi's famous cathedral, Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

So how does England compare with this impressive offering in Europe?