Santa sequins and Brexit Christmas windows

Humour seems to be the theme this year in Selfridges' windows (above) and no money was spared in the designs of one of London's most famous shops.

The store commissioned a handmade bespoke sequin Santa suit for each of its Christmas windows this year. Each suit took 193 hours to make.

Five of the windows have an accompanying party soundtrack. The music is played via a special speaker that uses glass to convey sound.

Set designer Clementine Keith-Roach hand-painted all the background mountain scenery by hand, based on observation of real mountains from the Matterhorn to Everest.

Glittered acrylics, pastel sheepskins, iridescent snow, gold lame and super-soft velvets are among the materials used. It takes 24 hours a day over one week to get the windows ready.