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Dan Cruickshank - speaker biography

Dan Cruickshank will be opening our Future Cities Forum: regeneration, sustainability and smart technology at The Institute of Engineering and Technology on 6th March 2017 on the topic of 'housing - past and present'.

Dan is an art historian and writer. His books include "Adventures in Architecture" and "Bridges: heroic designs that changed the world". His most recent book - "Spitalfields: two thousand years of British history in one neighbourhood" - was published in October 2016.

He is a regular presenter on the BBC and his documentaries include "Fairy tale castles of Ludwig II" and "At home with the British" which examines our relationship with the archetypes of domestic homes - the medieval cottage, the Victorian terrace house and the high rise flat.

He is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA, and has a BA in art, design and architecture. For three years he was a visiting professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Sheffield. He is a frequent contributor to the Architects Journal and the Architectural Review.

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