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Hastings develops its town centre

The town of Hastings has a long and important history - best known for the Norman Conquest - but is looking to the future to increase the interest for both visitors and those settling in the town.

Polly Gifford, Cultural Regeneration Manager at Hastings Borough Council spoke at our forum last month about the sucess of its arts regeneration quarter involving the Jerwood Gallery, but says that now the focus must be on the town centre regeneration if Hastings is to prosper. Watch the clip of her talking above.

The town derives its name from the Old English tribal name, Haestingas and during medieval times became a Cinque Port, In the 19th century with the coming of the railway, the town became a fashionable resort with the 'health-giving properties' of the seawater. it was at this time that the elegant Pelham Crescent and Wellington Square were built. The filming of Foyle's War looks back to life in the town during the 1940's.

In recent times, the Hastings and Bexhill task force was set up by the South East England Development Agency in 2002 to regenerate the local economy with a 10 year programme to tackle the local reliance on public sector employment. The Priory Quarter now houses Saga offices bringing jobs to the area.

Our October healthy cities forum will look at university research asking whether there are real benefits to living and working near water.

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