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Launching the Cities Regeneration Index

Future Cities Forum is launching our Cities Regeneration Index at our November event at Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

The famous arsenal which began as a ship-building site in Henry VII's reign, saw the training of Royal Military Academy cadets during the 18th century to produce "Good Officers of Artillery and Perfect Engineers". The "Walled City within a City" which served the country in ammunition production during two world wars, is undergoing the latter stages of a major regeneration programme of housing, transport infrastructure and performing arts spaces for community benefit.

Our November forum looks at the sustainability of cultural quarters throughout the UK, the ingredients necessary for their economic and social success, public and private investment, and the new face of retail and markets within them and the evolving nature of public entertainment.

We are launching our Cities Regeneration Index to cover all areas of regeneration to include planning, infrastructure, housing, health, mobility, work, culture, retail, and investment. Cities will be assessed overall and in specialist categories. Specific projects will be written about during the process of assessment for the index publication.

Contact us to find out how you can feature in this important index.

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