The impact on Liverpool of losing UNESCO World Heritage Status

Museum of Liverpool: view looking north to the Three Graces with Liverpool Waters beyond (Ant Clausen)

Following the news this week that the City of Liverpool has had its UNESCO world heritage status withdrawn, Future Cities Forum interviewed Laura Pye, Director of National Museums Liverpool, on her reaction and whether the decision now alters her plans for development.

Laura said:

'It doesn't make any difference to our plans as we are committed to protecting our heritage in the city. We have just been told about our National Heritage Lottery Fund gift of 10 million pounds that we will be using to develop the International Slavery Museum, giving it its own front door and making an important entrance to the dock area. As well as this, our six design companies have been working on a public consultation on the waterfront and and will be submitting designs at the end of the month. So we are moving forward. We are disappointed not because we fell dependent on the UNESCO status but because we felt we deserve it, but we also feel it does not make a huge difference. The City Council has been running a campaign saying that no labels are needed and it is true that the city has invested huge money into our heritage - millions and millions - as well as mo